PurplePlan is an academic planning tool/worksheet that is developed for students by Montgomery College’s Software Development Club and A++ student members. Software Development Club is an official student club of the school and A++ is a student organization that is managed by students to develop software and host events. PurplePlan tries to help students by providing them with a tool that they can use to create their academic plans.

Supported Transfer Paths 

  • University of Maryland College Park
  • University of Maryland Baltimore County

Supported Majors

  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems(Winter2019)
  • Engineering(Spring 2019)
  • Mathematics(Spring 2019)
"PurplePlan is one of my personal projects that I have been working with my team for over one year. Our goal is to create a tool for Montgomery College students to help manage and create their Academic Plans. While this is only the beta version of the application, I believe that PurplePlan already delivers some great and helpful changes in academic planning. However, we will keep adding new features to the application with the help of other Montgomery College students. PurplePlan has great potential, not as an application, but as a platform that brings new features to reflect the student's needs. Because we believe that as long as we can show our needs on an application level, the system will catch up with even a better platform. "
Coming Soon
Status: Under Major Development
Progress for New Version...
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Status: Coming Soon...
Progress for Beta V1.0


Purple Plan has many features to help you better organize your academic plan.

You can always edit your plan after it is done. We will warn you if you are missing the Global Perspective Class or your Math Elective. Don'y worry, we know which math elective transfers to which school. You can also easily contact your department advisors and share/export your plan.

Auto Catalog Display can be used to show information about a certain class during class selection of the Steps by Step Planner.

Your exported Academic Plan will be organized and ready to be shared with your advisor.

Purple Plan will continue to bring new features. We already have few features under development. We welcome all Montgomery College students who wants to join our team to work on development of the future versions of the Purple Plan. Would you like to help us develop a scene where we show list of Global Perspective Classes?